Average craps dealer salaries. What Is the Salary Range for a Casino Dealer

By itself this average seems rather measly. Craps dealers can maximize their tips income in several ways. A portion of this disparity comes down to location and quality of the casino.

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Casino dealers rely on tips for income, and tips come from winning players. In addition, most casino dealers work an hour at a table before relieved by another dealer for a twenty-minute break. How Tips are Earned As noted, players will often make bets for the dealer that are equal or lower to their own personal bet that they are placing on the table.

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Tolerance is the virtue of believing in nothing. Furthermore, predicting income by tips expected from winnings do not represent the actual tips earned, as customers do not always tip as recommended. Prestigious casinos often garner more income for craps dealers in tips on top of a higher hourly rate compared to smaller casinos.

Experienced players and employers alike appreciate dealers that can keep tables running smoothly, particularly those who know how to transition into a game of craps when coming off their work break.

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The average craps dealer salaries and amount of table information that a dealer is allowed to divulge to players is often covered during training. If a dealer earns tips from those customers, he or she shares them with the wait staff, in addition to sharing tips earned if required.

Nightshifts are busy hours in the casino, so dealers can earn more, but morning shifts are slow hours in the casino, where new dealers practice technique and skill, and eventually work up to the more popular tables and shifts.

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These decisions include variables such as personality and physical features, while also employing the art of optical illusion. Dealers may employ third-generation tipping when he or she compensates other workers who drive business to the table. Poker dealers are virtually always "go for your own" and keep all of their own tips.

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Other Benefits of Being a Craps Dealer Craps dealers, like most other casino dealer positions, will usually receive other benefits afforded to them by their employers. With little focus on youth related requirements, this means that even senior citizens can become craps dealer provided they have the required license and qualities to perform the job.

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Learn how to play the game before setting a bet on a career in the casinos. Receiving Tips as a Craps Dealer The job of craps dealer is similar to being a waiter, where the majority of the income comes from tips provided by customers.

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An unlucky dealer may leave the table for break, just as a player hits a winning streak and tips generously with each win. During slow shifts or off seasons, dealers may request to leave the shift or stay and earn the base salary.

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