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There is a poker game between the richest men in the region. More often than not, their arms and shoulders were bare, their bodices cut low over their bosoms, and their dresses decorated with sequins and fringe.

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This Fremont Street sign was the tallest in town at the time. This finally breaks up their marriage, but David continues trying to help her.

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She had a major role in Wings, and was Paramount's biggest star at that time. Otherwise, please use the Navigation Links at the top of each page to move directly to what might interest you most.

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A s craps' game taking place in a Downtown Fremont Street casino likely the Golden Nugget based on parts of this photo's background which I intentionally cropped-out in order to focus on game faces. With a pair of loaded dice in her hand!

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In between his criminal dealings, Keane takes up Rhoda's cause and helps promote Vaughan's return to public performance. Frances Farmer center in "Toast of New York" The 'still' on the right: Under the bell-shaped skirts, could be seen colorfully hued petticoats that barely reached their kid boots that were often adorned with tassels. Lots of songs with a little story.


Rita Hayworth left with chips, from 8x10 still. Make sure to visit the Introductory Links at page bottoms that provide an excellent prelude of fun photos and subject matter that will better introduce you to all that lies deeper within. Rodney, an architecht, is the prince who rescues her, but he has to take a trip and the wicked relatives catch up with her again.

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Many scenes take place on an off-shore gambling ship. It was located diagonally across from The Flamingo on the site currently occupied by the lake-fountains of Bellagio. Publicity shot for "Gilda. Loy has cards in her left hand, and Powell, in his right hand.

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They set out to change the situation. You can continue on thru our many Introductory Pages, using the link at page-bottom.

When she finally meets him, she becomes a victim of intrigue. In this particular photo, the Las Vegas Club's sign is seen on the right - but the Pioneer Club seen at left had yet to install its neon Vegas Vic sign.

Great movie, arguably my houten roulette. Rosalind Russell left in "His Girl Friday" watching the other reporters playing poker.

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