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The lawsuit, in which Scott is named as a plaintiff, claims that the overcharging has been going on sincewhen the machine was put in at the casino.

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Isle Buffet Dining Room An older crowd for sure. The Asian Pork had to be spit out. The game table is still on the floor inside the Isle Casino, but a sign on it reads "Sorry for the inconvenience, craps is temporarily out of service.

The steak was surprisingly tasty; whatever they marinated it in gave it a nice flavor. We recorded it and noticed on every buy bet, the casino was taking more than they should have," attorney Daren Stabinski said. Put one of the receipts on the table so your server can see it, and they'll bring you your drinks.

The KimChi was awful as well. The class in the lawsuit would be made up of the casino's Fan Club members.

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Frankly each time I've come it's gotten worse. Last time the carving station had ham and pork, but this time they had some pretty nice looking pastrami and rotisserie chicken.

They've raised the prices and drastically lowered the quality of the food. The servers are an annoyance. The place is almost exclusively people who are gambling in the casino; they get a discount with a card, and it's just way too much trouble to make a special trip here, as I found out. A pretty disappointing visit. I ended up going back for a caesar salad and some more pastrami.

They have servers who bring you everything but the food; drinks, straws, condiments. Isle Buffet Dining Room This picture was from my first visit; the "Salad" area is now "Soups", and the salad bar is in the central isle.

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What's happened here is they've gotten some bad marketing advice; they've thrown out the idea of having a good buffet because someone has convinced them that they could make more money marketing the buffet with a bogus premise as being "Farm Fresh". On my previous visit, the chinese food was the star of the show; all very fresh looking.

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I scouted some tarter sauce for the fish; I left at least half of this plate. No desserts on this diet, at least not cakes, pies and bread pudding. The chicken was also good, done just right, and the meatloaf wasn't bad either. What's really ironic is that the worst stuff on the buffet was the vegetables; all wildly overdone.

Not terrible, but no match for the sizzling fajitas you get in a regular isle casino pompano beach buffet. Parking is a problem to start, and getting atlantis casino resort map is almost comical. My assessment of this new Farmer's Pick buffet is that it's just a gimmick.

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On my first visit, service was so abysmal that I suggested that they replace the humans with ice tea and soda machines. The machine, called "Organic Dice," is supposed to take 5 percent on the bet as a commission.

They have 3 hostesses, but they were completely brought to their knees by a party of 7, who were apparently trying to use player cards and 4 different credit cards. No Nigiri or sashimi. My question is, what exactly did the farmer pick out?

I hit the fajita bar, where they also have baked potatoes which are off limits. Frankly, this place is no better than the Golden Corral, which is a lot less expensive. Maybe this stuff is better at 12pm or when it's more crowded on weekends. One thing they do well here is the dessert bar; I had a key lime tart and some coconut cream pie.

The truth is that it's less fresh than it was before, and there's a lot of bad food. It's hard to believe a casino would allow this to happen," Stabinski said. The blue cheese dressing wasn't too chunky but they have blue cheese crumbles, so I rolled my own.

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