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It has a very refreshing taste and can give you a second breath when you are tired and fatigued. Instead, it is a mix of Scotch whiskey and Drambuie. The sparkling wine from the Champagne region is synonymous with winning and celebrating so why not treat yourself to a glass or two after you win big.

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Updated on October 2, by Paul Butcher The extravagant cocktail waitresses that float like radiant clouds through the casino have become a very popular sight in casinos.

Jack and Coke Jack Daniel and Coke is one of the most popular mixtures in the world today and was the favourite drink of the late Motorhead frontman, Lemmy, who had a hit single with Ace of Spades.

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You are able to choose from various types of rum. Tea and Coffee Another couple of non-alcoholic drinks to get your lips around are tea and coffee. Fire Breathing Dragon Various versions of this fiery cocktail can be found in casino lounges. The ingredients are combined Mango infused La Diablada pisco with Cointreau, a little bit of lime juice mixed with cranberry, rock candy syrup, and topped off with lavender infused bitters.

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Despite being tasteless and odourless, water is vital to us humans and drinking it regularly while in the casino will help keep your concentration and energy levels higher. Sambuca and Irish Cream make up this shooter, which if poured properly sit in layers in the glass.

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The White Cosmopolitan consists of Citrus vodka, white cranberry juice, and some orange liqueur with a shot of passion fruit juice. Some are more upmarket than others and that will determine the degree or variety of the cocktails.

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Margarita It may sound like a cheese and tomato pizza, yet it is not. Mojito Some say the mojito is the perfect summer drink due to its refreshing nature. Gone are the days of old where casinos were simply smoke-filled dens crammed with gamblers hoping to win a small fortune with their last few dollars. Martinis are sometimes coupled with a game of Baccarat just like the old James Bond.

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The Long Island Iced Tea is normally coupled with a very lighthearted game such as scraps as the amount of alcohol in the cocktail might give you a kick or two. Martini What a list of popular casino drinks would be complete without the mention of a Martini, shaken not stirred.

Mojitos have a nice minty flavour mixing with the rest of the ingredients such as lime juice, superfine sugar, white rum and soda water.

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