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Really, it's pretty much exactly the way it is depicted in Las Vegas movies.

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Now that's during my work week, but on any given weekend I'll usually catch a football or baseball maryland live casino slot winners with my players, go to a show, golf, or be back at the casino for a special private event.

When you play as much as I do, you hone in on those details very quickly. Maryland currently has five casinos, three in rural locations.

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We maryland live casino slot winners all awaiting MGM, to which I am going to be closer to. This may seem fun and granted it was for a while but the lifestyle truly begins to take a toll on you. The MGM casino will have 3, slot machines and gaming tables, comparable to the casino scale at Maryland Live and Horseshoe.

A typical day in the office would consist of having a few meals with my clients, converse with new high rollers, call my players to invite them to an upcoming show, booking hotels, limos, and just being there.

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Studies of other cities show urban residents have gambling alternatives nearby. But for casino operators, surviving and prospering becomes increasingly challenging in a climate of fierce competition.

But, hey if folks want to part easily with their hard earned money then so be it. Horseshoe Baltimore has yet to meet revenue projections. Chris Jones, a senior gaming industry researcher at the Union Gaming Group, said casinos usually need one to three years to connect to local customers.

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The bulk of high taxes the casions pay the state go to an education trust fund, with small amounts dedicated to the horse racing industry and local community aid. It is directly off the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, a major highway between the two cities. Good luck keeping all of them in biz. That on top of late nights, constant appearances at networking events and parties, major holidays spent at the casino and not at home with my family all start taking its toll on my mental and physical health.

What MD Live did do correct was the k jackpot on slots progressive…one of the only reasons I started playing slots.

Maryland Live casino to unveil state's largest slots jackpot

The best thing that could happen to Maryland is that all the casinos fold and the people get wise and vote all republicans into the City and state legislature.

People stay at home watching Washington football games instead of going to casinos.

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Problem is…the dealers are of lesser quality and lesser amount of tables in Horseshoe, with the locale clientele make it unsavory to play at times. Either way I'm just networking and socializing and getting paid a nice salary plus a bonus on top of it.

If MGM fixes and creates innovative ways around these mistakes the other two casinos have made… Live who is at the forefront for Maryland…will be the second place and a afterthought if MGM makes an actual Hotel you can go to.

But the main turn off in my opinion is the workplace culture - the fact that upper management would let any player who was considered a "high roller" do as they pleased and degrade and insult the staff members is disgusting.

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It was a great idea on their part. In a somewhat over-crowded field, Maryland Live remains a stronger player compared with Horseshoe, bringing higher revenue than state officials initially estimated. The constant complaining of addicted gamblers hassling you for compensation or "free play" for losing money gets exhausting.