Maplestory add pendant slot, for 10 years,...

Clicking OK on the error screen made the changes revert, even though the player still received another screen of Heracle saying that the guild capacity has been increased.

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The fee for creating the emblem varies depending on your version of MapleStory. Masters and Masters can edit and delete any post.

Tradable Permanent Additional Pendant Slot

This window also has a list of guild members, which is divided into online and offline players. In those with the old system, the cost is 5, mesos.

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To open the guild menu, press the g key or, if you have customized your key bindings, the corresponding key. The limit is much higher in MapleGlobal. It is obvious that Asiasoft is actively reading my blog.

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The game changed the guild capacity before checking if the player had enough mesos. More details you can refer to MapleSEA here.

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Every glitch, hack, suggestion I posted either got patched or got implemented. Disbanding the Guild The guild leader may choose to disband the guild at any time.


The emblem is visible underneath each member's name next to the guild's name. Guild Info The guild info window can be accessed by clicking on the top blue button in the upper right corner of the main window.

Pay her the emblem fee, and an emblem creation screen will pop up.

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Normal members can delete and edit their own posts. So you just buy the coupon in the cash shop and your slot will be unlocked automatically to equip another pendant.

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You can register your guild and party with them and go through the quest to gain Guild Points GP and eventually go up the guild ranks too. You can see the guild emblem in the upper left corner.

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There is a ranking system in each server and it goes up to 50th place. Up to 5 guilds can join an Alliance.

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The game tracks which members earn the most GP for their guild, and that member's contribution is deleted jogos gratis de casino slots 5 tambores he or she leaves the guild. To create a guild emblem, speak to Lea in the Guild Headquarters.

You can view more information about this on the Sharenian Guild PQ article.

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So we treat it as a permanent slot expansion for your character. Weird al casino regina displays the basic information about the guild, such as name, level, and GP.

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Maplestory add pendant slot adds another 30k range for my character as I haven cubed it, if I cubed it well, it should add 80kk range for my character. There are a couple other buyable icons too from the Cash Shop.

This is the first time Asiasoft offer such a good offer.

[MSEA] Farming Additional Potential on Pendant