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It delivers amazing tone all around. Also, it came with.

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All-in-all, an insanely good guitar. Active pickups, hope you know what you are getting into. It just needed some minor tuning. The pickup coil selector is great especially for playing clean and getting a good blues or country sound. The set 3 piece neck, mahogany body combined with the EMG give a great sound.

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Nice rugged polyester finish. But given its reliablity, and durability, it was well worth the price. My only complaint about this guitar is that the finish on the neck is the same as the rest of the guitar. And anyway, replacement pickups are easy to obtain and install. Any other case will probably not be a snug fit, or not fit at all.

I originally bought an Ibanez arz, but I was not impressed at all by the quality of craftsmanship and pickups.

Schecter BlackJack C-8 GB 2014 DEMO (8 string guitar, w/ Seymour Duncan Nazgul)

Again, not a big deal. The neck scale is long, so that helps; plus you can then reduce the tremolo resistance a bit. An amazing 7 string guitar that is very versitile and can be used for almost any style of music. The finish is gorgeous I got the limited edition, purple quilted maple top, but the cherry is just as beautifuland all the hardware is good quality, especially the Floyd Rose tremolo.

The guitar is moderately heavy but is comfortable whether standing or sitting. More and more manufacturers are making them with the soapbar-style covers that fit the routing on this guitar.

It looks great, but it makes the neck feel very sticky.

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It only takes off a thin layer of clear coat and it can be easily buffed back out with car polish if you want the original shine again. It came in perfect condition and i made a few personal modifacations, but nothing major. But you can see that.