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Click here to subscribe. Using Claire as leverage, the captain demands Jamie surrender the pistol, then picks it up and points it at Jamie. He escaped, but the English pursued him and brought him back to the fort, where he was flogged with one hundred lashes for escaping. Claire looks pained, then informs Jamie that St.

To demonstrate his intention to use whatever means necessary to extract the truth from her, Randall punches Claire in the stomach. Outlander While in hot pursuit of a band of Highland cattle raiders, Captain Jonathan Randall of His Majesty's Eighth Dragoons stumbles upon a woman wandering the countryside in what appear to be her undergarments. Randall come up with to talk about on their own.

This method does not prove effective, however, and MacKenzie takes the woman away again — with orders from Randall to deliver one Blackjack stand on 12 Beauchamp to Fort William on the 18th of June for questioning.

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Any further interrogation is cut short when he is knocked unconscious and the woman was gone when he awoke. The family suffered another blow when Ellen died in childbed, along with the babywhen Jamie was about eight years old. All of the men are Scottish and fought in the rebellion, which is treason in the eyes of the Crown.

Long, sad story short: Just as Claire had told him before leaving Wentworth Prisonthree years previous, Randall dies at the Battle of Culloden on April 16, From then on, he was raised to be the future laird of Broch Tuarach, the more official name of the estate. Returning once more to Scotland inJamie traveled the countryside with a gang of broken men — men without clans — for six months, raiding cattle and the like from the borderlands, when one day someone hit Jamie in the back of the head with an axe, and his uncle Dougal had him sent to recover or die from his injury at the Abbey of Ste.

Rather than appearing disturbed, Randall seems delighted by Jamie's arrival.

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Roger recognizes them as belonging to his father Jeremiah Walter MacKenziewho disappeared after his plane crashed near a set of standing stones in northern England. They have that information.

He summons the messenger who brought them and has the man give information on where they came from. I was less interested in it being a story of his infatuation with Jamie. After Jamie had returned home to Lallybroch, in October of he was arrested by the English for obstruction — that is, for defending his family and property when the English set upon his home — and then taken to Fort William for imprisonment.

Then, when Claire learns Jamie has gone back on his word, the couple are met with dire consequences that will forever change their lives. I just drooled so hard on my keyboard upon seeing that slap-your-mama-beautiful dress Claire is wearing, my computer short-circuited for a sec.

Outlander airs Saturday at 9 p. Do you have a favorite moment from Season 1? She explains her situation, which corroborates whatever Does jamie kill black jack randall had told him previously, but he remains highly suspicious of her still.

As they lift Fraser, the dragonfly preserved in amber that Claire gave him drops and rolls away, unnoticed. We were all keen to do it justice and get somewhere that felt genuinely brave in terms of it being uncomfortable to watch, but also having gritty coming from character and having a moral dimension, I suppose.

Personality Edit If there are two sorts of leaders — one who commands the respect of their men, and one who leads by instilling fear — Jack Randall is surely the latter.

Grade the premiere via the poll below, press PLAY on our quick take on the season-opener, then hit the comments with your assorted thoughts! I think the clothes that Jack has naturally makes him hold himself differently.

Jamie had been previously taught some left-handed swordsmanship by the factor at Lallybroch, John Murrayhis best friend Ian 's father. Dougal, left-handed like Jamie, taught him to wield a sword with both hands. I definitely approached it as an investigation of sadism. Alexander dies later that same night.

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Leave A Comment Uh-oh! To Randall's surprise, Roger takes his hands and holds tight as he prays for Randall's soul. Finally, Black Jack lands on Jamie, taking them both down to the ground. After the man leaves, Roger asks Randall if he will pray with him and though wary, he agrees. Sound off in the comments!

Rupert is doing the best of any of them, so he speaks for everyone when the British eventually find their hideout. Months later, in Decemberit is Jamie that lands before the captain, having been captured by the Watch and delivered to Wentworth Prisonwhere he was sentenced to hang.

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