Oklahoma gambling losses.

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Each day such property is so used, leased or rented for any such unlawful purpose shall constitute a separate offense, and the penalty herein prescribed shall be recovered for each and every day. Rodeos, animal shows, expositions, fairs, athletic events, tournaments and other shows and contests where the participants qualify for a monetary prize or other recognition. Possession of a gambling device is knowingly possessing or having custody or control, as owner, lessee, agent, employee, bailee or otherwise, of any gambling device.

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The powers granted to municipalities in this section shall not be construed to repeal any gambling law now on the statute books, but shall be cumulative only. If the slot machine is used for the purpose of teaching slot machine repair and is not used for gambling purposes.

Any state, county, city, or township officer, or other person who shall hold for, receive or collect any money, or other valuable consideration, either for his own or the public use, for and with the understanding that he will aid, exempt or otherwise assist said person from arrest or conviction for a violation of any of the provisions of this article, or who shall issue, deliver or cause to be delivered to any person or persons, any license, permit, or other privileges, giving or pretending oklahoma gambling losses give, any authority or right to any person or persons, to carry on, conduct, open or cause to be opened, any game or games which are forbidden or prohibited by any of the provisions of Sections through of this title shall be deemed guilty of a felony.

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Failure of officers or prosecutor to perform duties under act Removal Punishment. Provided, it shall not be a violation of the lottery or gambling laws of this state for: If the person from whom seizure was made cannot be located, or is unknown, or if said slot machine or punch board was unattended at the time of seizure, then the foregoing service shall not be required, but in lieu thereof, a copy of said application and notice shall be delivered to the place where seizure was made.

Oklahoma State Statutes

No person shall disclose any evidence so taken, nor disclose the name of any person so subpoenaed and examined, except when lawfully required to testify as a witness in relation thereto; and the unlawful disclosure, by any person, of any such evidence or of any matter or thing concerning such examination shall be a oklahoma gambling losses.

Gambling Devices Every slot machine and every punch board as defined in this act, is hereby declared to be per se a gambling device, and each is hereby declared to be a public nuisance, and the same may be abated in manner as provided for the abatement of a public nuisance under Chapter 58, Oklahoma Statutes The officer or person ordered to oklahoma gambling losses a slot machine or punch board under the provisions of subsection B of this section shall execute such order and make return thereof within five 5 days from the date thereof, showing the manner in which he executed the same.

Operating or receiving all or part of the earnings of a gambling place; 2. Knowing that communications facilities are being used principally for the purpose of transmitting information to be used in making or settling bets, allowing their continued use.

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Installing Communication Facilities for Gamblers A. Possession of a Gambling Device A. Every sheriff, constable, policeman, and peace officer in this state is hereby required to seize every slot machine and every punch board, together with all money contained therein or used in connection therewith, and all property and items of value incident thereto or used or employed in connection therewith, and hold and safely keep the same, subject to the order of the district court.

Words in singular and plural. The testimony of each witness shall be reduced to writing by said judge, or by some person designated by him, and the same shall be signed by such witness.

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Lease void, when Possession, how recovered. Investigation of alleged violations of act.

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Mere registration without purchase of goods or services; personal attendance at places or events, without payment of an admission price or fee; listening to or watching radio and television programs; answering the telephone or making a telephone call and acts of like nature are not consideration. Officers' duties under act Prosecutions. Any word or words used in this act in the singular number shall include the plural, and the plural the singular.

Provided, however, that no person shall sell tickets or receive contributions to the fund off the military reservation. Nothing in this section shall be deemed to prejudice the right of any person affected thereby to secure an appropriate determination, as otherwise provided by law, in a court of competent jurisdiction, that such facility should not be discontinued or removed, or should be restored.

Any person charged with a violation of any of the provisions of this act may be convicted on the uncorroborated testimony of an accomplice, and the judgment thereon shall not be set aside or reversed by reason of the fact that such conviction was based on the testimony of an accomplice.

The name and address, if known, of the person from whom seized; and 4. For the purposes of this act, "person" is defined to include any person, partnership, association, company, stock company, corporation, receiver, trustee, organization or club. Evidence that the place has a general reputation as a gambling place or that, at or about the time in question, it was frequently visited by persons known to be commercial gamblers or known as frequenters of gambling places is admissible on the issue of whether it is a gambling place.

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Any raffle conducted by a qualified organization shall be conducted by members of the qualified organization without compensation to any member.